Software Buddy
ServiceM8 Certified Partener

Want more assistance with your ServiceM8?

COMPLETE from Software Buddy addresses the fundamental challenge most trades and services companies deal with; answering the phone at the same time as completing a job.

Our CORE SERVICE offers:

Handling calls
and emails

Scheduling jobs and queues

Creating and chasing quotes

Setting up services and templates

  • Provision of a new telephone number for diverting to or advertising
  • Consultancy to identify your operating procedures
  • Setup of ServiceM8 for new queues, Services and standardising certain add-ons
  • Ongoing ServiceM8 maintenance and support
  • Call handling of all inbound calls
  • Creation of a new ServiceM8 job with full details
  • Adding all new jobs to a queue with alerts to the business
  • Creating and chasing all quotations using Services and templates for quote building
  • Monthly report on the calls handled and service delivery.

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