Fast Track To ServiceM8 Online Course

Our Fast Track to ServiceM8 course is for business owners who want to learn online on how to set up the desktop app of ServiceM8 quickly by following specific steps set out in a logical manner through short videos.


This provides a strong base from which you can then begin to customise ServiceM8, but you cannot do that unless you have the basics in place. The Fast Track to ServiceM8 course provides you with all the basics. 

No need to scratch your head trying to figure out how to set it up so that it really works for you.




You can take the Fast Track route

As with any software, ServiceM8 does need to be set up and customised to work properly for your business in a particular order.


Software Buddy offers comprehensive training to show you how to do it - and will also extend your trial for 30 days.


You are guided step-by-step through a series of short educational videos to set up your system so it is customised to work for YOUR unique business.


You do the online training at you own pace. Go as fast or as slow as you wish.


The Fast Track to Service M8 online course takes you through ALL the essentials to get up and running with ServiceM8.

With Fast Track to ServiceM8 you get: 

  • A comprehensive 10-module online course

  • 50+ easy to follow videos

  • A step-by-step guide to successfully set-up ServiceM8

  • Template CSV files to download for use 

  • The ServiceM8 app (for iPhone and iPad) FREE for 30 days*

  • App management of up to 50 jobs per month and you can upgrade if required.

Get next-level training from Software Buddy to use the powerful ServiceM8 field services management app - and we'll extend your FREE software trial to 30 days.


This smart technology delivers better scheduling, better management of jobs, and better communications with staff and clients.

It saves you time. Saves you money and saves you hassle.


ServiceM8 lets you manage your business from your iPhone or iPad - anywhere, anytime.


Take care of client contacts, enquiries, quotes, follow-up, communications, pricing, job scheduling, task management, invoicing, taking payments...and more.


You have the information you need at your fingertips. Your back office can see in REAL time how your jobs are progressing.


It keeps you better connected with your team, helps you betterserve your customers.


This is the class-leading time saving technology. 


Invest in Fast Track to ServiceM8 training for just £297


You'll make money back in no time, by being more productive and creating more time for work and less time for admin.

Avoid unnecessary and costly delays. Keep your customers and staff happy.

Get your people, paperwork, pricing and practices working for you. Perhaps for the first time in weeks or months. 

Regain control - make your life easier. Get your business back on track with less hassle and bigger profits.

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